Corals and Inverts

Find the best selection of aquacultured corals, coral frags and all kinds of hard and soft corals at Apex Aquarium. Corals are the most important part of your tank ecosystem. As the essential structure of the reef that you build, corals are the foundation. Apex Aquarium has an incredible selection of corals, including SPS, Gorgonians and Zoanthids.

Invertebrates, also known as inverts, are the backbone of any marine tank. Marine invertebrates make your tank clean and healthy. Get the best salt water inverts at Apex Aquarium. Invertebrates include popular tank community members like clams, shrimp, and anemones. Invertebrates are the supporting cast in your reef tank. Cleaning the environment, keeping the tank healthy and providing lots of color and life is their job. Apex Aquarium has an incredible selection of inverts to add to your reef tank today.

Types of Corals:

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